hello, lovely ☕


this is annej of @trappedinsidestories. i sincerely want to thank you for stopping by my blog whether by your own accord or accidentally. i talk about stories – be it from books, movies, tv shows, small things to be thankful of, poems (and write about them), words of God, and how i found solace in them. as my username implies – trapped inside stories, for i am always inside a story be it from what i’ve read, watched or something i thought of and written down. i am always inspired by words, they fuel me in ways i could’t explain. i will forever be grateful for the gift of language, for the words God had gifted to each of us, for the power they have that moved people inside and out from the very beginning until where history prevails. thank you for stopping by, you are loved and may you find comfort through words too – as they cozy up with you while you sip your daily cup or relax with your blankets at night or stay under the sunlight on a hot summer day beside the pool, when the leaves fall in autumn, when winter comes – may they give you warmth, may they bloom in you during spring or just simply comfort you on days you needed it most. you are precious, you deserve an adventure empowered by words and a life full of wonders only words can inspire you to.

always rooting for you,

annej ☕

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