Reading Wrap Up: January 2021

Hello! I hope you’re doing great wherever you are in the world right now! So, first month’s over, huh? Well, this post is a bit late for that. But I really want to share with you all the books I read on January 2021. I feel so productive last month because I’ve written book reviewsContinue reading “Reading Wrap Up: January 2021”

Wrap Up: September 2020

Hello, story lovers! September is my birthday month so I chose to just take it slower, to enjoy more. I managed to read 5 books that I ended up loving, most of them made me laughed out loud. I’m looking for a calmer reading month for October. I refrain myself from joining tours and requestingContinue reading “Wrap Up: September 2020”

Wrap Up: Readalong of PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern hosted by Tandem Collective UK

We’re also given ample time to read – 20% per day. PS I Love You is a very entertaining read so yeah, don’t judge me but it’s the most tempting thing to do at the time I read more than 20% per day.